My name is Jen and I am a *shudders* doer.

This hasn’t always been the case. In fact, not all that long ago, the extent of my “doing” on, for example, a Sunday might have been watching the Hollyoaks omnibus before retching over one of the 8000 Marlboro Lights I’d smoked the night before. Now, I’m not perfect and I can’t say this doesn’t still happen a little bit, but thanks to recent advances in Channel Four scheduling, I usually watch Hollyoaks of a week night, these days.

I was a hater of sport. I was a hater of running for the bus, actually, and it was deep rooted in me. So who’d have thought that the 2012 Olympics could inspire me to try not just one sport, not even two but all 38 disciplines (yes, I know there are actually 39, Mr Olympics, you massive fun sponge. Women don’t compete in Greco Roman Wrestling though, OK?) in an attempt to find my sport (there’s proof of such endeavours here, in case you think I’m some kind of sporting charlatan).

Turns out, I HEART sport. I am a sport HEARTER. I can’t get enough of it’s painful, embarrassing and ever so slightly awkward embrace, in fact. Partly because it’s really good fun throwing yourself face first at a variety of different surfaces and partly because I now have a bum that doesn’t make me want to be physically sick when I catch a glance of it in my bedroom mirror.

So I decided, maybe there’s more than one sport for me? Maybe there’s loads and they might not even be represented by that hallowed institution, the Olympic Games? I put it to you, that maybe there’s an activity FOR EVERYONE!

Triathlon Smug

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