People Who Give Me Stuff Free (aka Sponsors)

I’m super lucky to have had the support of a number of brands supporting my trip who have at least taken the stress out of this aspect, saving my worries for those effing bears. Even more so that they’re actually brands I think are ace, and not just because they’ve given me stuff for free.


Bella Velo, is the UK’s first female-specific high street cycling store, selling only women’s cycling kit and only women’s bikes. They know theirBella Velo Logo shiz when it comes to bikes, women’s or men’s, so I’m very grateful to have had their support getting Beyoncé match fit for her touring debut.



Vevie is a British-owned women’s activewear brand. Vevie was founded by designer, Caroline Greenslade, in response to the feeling that the aesthetic of women’s sportswear gives it a much younger feel and is aimed at men, rather than with the function and fit of the women who would be wearing it, in mind. Vevie has very kindly sponsored my non-cycling specific fitness wear for the journey.


Specialized make a ruddy lovely bike (Beyoncé is, afterall, a Specialized) and a damn fine pair of padded shorts, so I’m chuffed to have felt the benefit of those shorts and other cycling-specific kit courtesy of these guys. They’re trailblazers in the women’s cycling arena, and their “Your Ride, Your Rules” ethos is right up my own (and I suspect Sasha Fierce’s) street.



Lyon Outdoor is the UK’s leading distributor of “outdoor” equipment to retailers in the UK and Ireland. Thanks to them, ‘Yoncé and I will be travelling in style, carrying our sweaty kit in some swish Ortlieb panniers and handlebar bag.

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